Water Treatment

Which water sampling options are available?

Sampling is a quick and easy way to see if your legionella control regime is working. There are a few types of samples, that can indicate the levels of bacteria, in water systems, these being:

TVC Samples or 'Total viable aerobic bacteria counts' at 22°C and 37°C
TVCs allow for a general bacteria test and are the first choice for most people. This is because the test focuses on the human body temperature (37°C) and which bacteria will grow at this point. This is an attempt to simulate the potential threat the water could pose if ingested. Not only is the TVC effective in identifying if the system is in good stead, it is also the most cost effective sample we offer. (Learn more about TVC options)

LP Samples or 'Legionella pneumonia' Samples
LPs are essential for a system with higher-than-recommended TVC results, or that have initial high risks associated with the proliferation of Legionella. There are over 50 species and various sero groups, of legionella bacteria, so we employ the best methods in order to identify the types and sero groups within systems, such as Direct Florescence Antibody and Antibody Agglutination. Using both gives additional confidence, in the validity of the result, for us and our clients. (Learn more about LP options)

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