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Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

Keeping your cooling tower clean is absolutely necessary to maintain your control over legionella proliferation. Towers, especially evaporative cooling towers, are classed as a very high risk asset, due to the air droplets created during operation. There are a couple ways to clean a tower, these being mechanical and chemical cleaning. Your contractor should be able to advise the best way to keep the tower in good condition.

For the same reasons, as water storage tanks, cooling towers are susceptible to outside debris, silt, scale and stagnation.

The most likely place, for these elements to start growing visible bacteria, is in the sump (bottom droplet collection area in the tower) and around the packing, which usually collects a huge amount of scale, due to higher levels of surface area than other parts of the tower. Scale can build up very quickly and provides a great 'food' for legionella bacteria.

As well as silt and scale, 'Organic matter' can be anything from small pieces of debris, from outside (such as leaves), to animals (most commonly in the UK, rodents and birds). The larger types of debris are excellent food sources for legionella and all other types of bacteria. Some organic matter even introduces bacterial contaminants that can cause various different illnesses.

Any blockages caused, by any of the above contaminants, can result in poor flow and stagnation, or provide a nice, large breeding ground for bacteria that can easily exit the tower, in the form of droplets, putting lives at risk.

By using cleansing chemicals, that are dropped through the system, we can make sure that your system is thoroughly clean. This process takes place before and after the actual cleaning process.

If you are a building maintenance provider or a building manager/duty holder, it can be difficult to manage various things at once, and sometimes tower cleaning and disinfection can easily be overlooked. In order to quickly assess a cooling tower's condition, we would recommend carrying out dip slide tests and getting a bacteriological sample, to the lab, as soon as possible. If you are finding it hard to free up some time for this, we can do it for you. To book a visit, to have a sample taken, please contact us as soon as possible. We know, as contractors, that many people, before employing us, have neglected their towers. This is a dramatic risk, taken by any duty holder, and could result in a lot of sick people and an expensive court case. If you are one of these people, you are not alone, but you should have your tower checked and cleaned as soon as possible.

To help you gain some insight, we are happy to come and check your tower(s) and explain the correct course of action. To arrange a meeting, of this type, please call 0870 729 0199 to chat to a friendly consultant.

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