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"We have always found Spectrum very professional in their approach to the services they provide - we are very pleased to provide
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- Associate Director of Hemlow LTD

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Schools and Universities

Water Management for Schools and Universities

For over 10 years, we have been supplying contracts, within the education sector, from places such as pre-school facilities, to larger higher education buildings. We also have experience working in various diverse learning environments, including learning facilities for disabled people or people with learning difficulties. Our staff are highly trained to ensure that our working procedures fit around your school time-table, and not the other way around. Our staff are also CRB checked, every 3 years, as standard. Copies of your Engineer's CRB check can be supplied to you upon request.

Vast Buildings with Lots of Blocks
If you have a vast facility, with plenty of detached blocks and several floors, and are looking for a water hygiene expert, with critical knowledge of systems like these, look no further. The trick to looking after several small buildings, within one facility, is to analyse the systems individually first, and then assess the building as a whole. Breaking it down makes the risk easier to see, and treat.

Out-of-Hours Labour
We know you may need someone who is available, at the weekends and overnight, for tasks that take much longer than a few hours. It is essential, to us, to protect your staff and pupils and have readily available time slots for big jobs, such as system disinfections or tank replacements.

Holidays and Half Term
Arranging around the school year is something we are well practised at. Making sure the systems have precautionary measures before and after the school opens, during half term, is essential. Implementing these extra tasks, can be essential to making sure your risk is reduced to optimum levels.

As well as providing the maintenance services, we can also provide consultancy services in order to advise on current programs already in place. If you are unsure of your current provider, we can help. Please contact us for a free consultation meeting.

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