Water Treatment

Why is a schematic drawing necessary?

Pipework schematics accompany legionella risk assessments to aid in the identification of the problem areas of buildings, and to give a quick overview of the layout of the water services within. They are comprised of simple symbols, that are detailed in a key, commonly referred to as a 'legend', that graphically and accurately represent the water services.

Schematic drawings are not made to scale, and usually leave out any unnecessary elements, of the building, that are not relevant to the risk assessment. To include these would be confusing and cause disruption, between the relevance of the assessment and the schematic.

The schematics are also extremely useful in identifying whether a risk assessment is current, or not, since the drawing will allow an assessor to quickly see the assets that have changed. If you have a schematic drawing to hand, for your building, check to see if your assets are correctly pictured. If they are not, your contractor may not be updating your schematic to befit your systems. This shows that other records, required for compliance, are most likely to be out to date too, as risk assessments are now classed as 'live' documents. If you believe your schematic is out of date, and wish to speak to a friendly professional, please contact one of our experts for free advice.

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