Water Treatment

Why do we need ACOP (L8) compliant regimes for pools, spas or water features ?

We usually don't take in to account, when we visit a pool at a leisure centre, that the maintenanceance plan needs to account for more than just the pool itself. Being one of the most likely places to have all of the apparatus, to produce steam or aerosols (in steam rooms, shower areas etc), and a vast amount of people using it every day, Leisure Centres pose a huge risk of legionella pneumonia proliferation. If you do not yet have a plan, in place, please contact us right away and we can help to get your building fully compliant.

Spa pools, like Jacuzzis, or rehabilitation spas, such as hydrotherapy pools, have people in them very often and are open to debris, entering the filters, especially if they are outside. They also operate at the perfect temperatures, for harbouring bacterial growth, since the water is heated and allowed to gently cool after use. Regular tests should be arranged to monitor and protect your systems from bacterial growth. We can help you work out the perfect testing regime and create the best conditions for keeping a spa unit.

Water features are hugely important, to take care of, under the ACOP (L8), since they are usually outside, and have the added risk of administering airborne spray, around public areas, making them a perfect petri dish for bacterial growth and a potential threat for spreading Legionnaires' disease. Your water feature or fountain, whether it be large or small, must be cleaned regularly and treated appropriately in order to maintain exceptionally low bacterial growth. One of our consultants will be able to help you identify the main causes of concern, depending on the type of water feature you have, and give friendly, expert advice on how to adequately control the risk of legionella.

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