Water Treatment

Legionella Risk Assessments

A legionella risk assessment is a live document, designed to identify areas, of a water system, that may be attributed to bacterial growth. An assessment will identify every part, of the system, with areas of stagnation, temperature changes or faults, and areas with suspended solids or places of entry, for such material. The usual contributors include: unsuitable temperatures, 'deadlegs', and dirty or untreated systems. Along with the potential sources of risk, an assessment will also include areas such as:

  • Management responsibilities, including the name of competent person and a description of the system.
  • Any current measures, in place, to control risks, including an analysis of their effectivity, since the last assessment.
  • New monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures in accordance with ACOP (L8) : 2007 (including 2010 updates).
  • A comprehensive schematic drawing of the entire water system.
  • Recommendation for remedial action and the next review dates.

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