Water Treatment

What can you tell me about hot and cold domestic systems?

Hot & cold domestic water systems are the amongst the high risk systems for proliferation of legionella bacteria, which can lead to legionnaires' disease, particularly where the system conditions promote bacterial growth.

For these systems, a structured approach, to designing the monitoring plan, is essential. This means taking in to account several factors, such as; the age of the building, any recent building modifications and even the age of the occupants.

We also know that fully understanding our clients' requirements is prerequisite to a successful monitoring regime. We know you will have particular tasks, you need to tick off your to-do list, and we'll make these a priority. Each individual system requires this unique approach, so it's best to get to know your contractor, and let them get to know you too.

If you would like to assess your system condition call, to arrange an appropriate time, for us to come and carry out a full risk assessment. We have implemented hundreds of water hygiene programs, since 2002, all designed specifically for each site and customer specification, and have plenty of recommendations for your reference.

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