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Water Treatment and Legionella Management in Health Care Buildings

In the News
There have been many reports, over the last two years, between 2011 and 2013, that have been directly related to legionella outbreaks in hospitals, (primarily due to poor care of cooling towers). Many hospitals have been forced to close and push NHS patients into other wings or new hospitals all together.

If You Need to Get Complaint
There is no shame in admitting that the legionella control has been poor, in your facility, in the past, but there is shame in leaving it that way. It's quick and easy to get compliant with a contractor, who doubles as an expert consultant, and you've stumbled upon one of the UK's best. Please give us a call, to correct any urgent non-compliances, on 0870 729 0199.

Hydrotherapy pools
We are experts in maintaining hydrotherapy pools and units of all sizes. We can set up a plan of sampling, cleaning, temperature maintenance and, if applicable, chemical dosing that suits the use and size of the pool.

Tendering and Supplier Frameworks
If you are tendering yourselves, invite us to tender as soon as possible. If you have been working through a framework, check your current supplier agreements (since we are a part of various frameworks, we may be already available to you through the contracts set up by your purchasing department or consortium through the process of mini-tendering). Please contact our procurment department for more advice on how we can offer our services to you through legal procurement exercises.

As well as providing the maintenance services, we can also provide consultancy services in order to advise on current programs already in place. If you are unsure of your current provider, we can help. Please contact us for a free consultation meeting.

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