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"We have always found Spectrum very professional in their approach to the services they provide - we are very pleased to provide
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- Associate Director of Hemlow LTD

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Water Management for Factories

The Risks
Working with factory premises is much the same as any large building, but further risks can arrise from other components such as cooling towers, vents and use of water within processes each day. This makes our services, within factories, essential since water droplets and spray are highly likely and ventilation systems can project spray outside the buildings.

Large Factories
If your factory is larger than average, it is likely that the water systems have been configured to enter into different parts of the factory, as if within a building of its own. In cases such as these, a singular legionellosis risk assessment may need to be applied, per water system, for us to provide accurate risk ratings.

Maintenance Workers
We can help train your maintenance staff to carry out the tests necessary, to keep your high risk outlets in check, and how to record all the legal work properly.

As well as providing the maintenance services, we can also provide consultancy services in order to advise on current programs already in place. If you are unsure of your current provider, we can help. Please contact us for a free consultation meeting.

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