Water Treatment

Water Hygiene & Cooling Towers

Why do I need a water treatment program for cooling towers?
Cooling towers produce a huge amount of aerosol (airborne water particles). The only known way to contract legionnaires' disease, is for the bacteria to be made airborne, within water droplets, and inhaled into the lungs. This is why it is extremely important, if you are in charge of a tower, to keep it very clean and free of bacterial growth, and limit, as much as practicably possible, the aerosol from escaping. It is so important, in fact, that they warrant their own risk assessment and specially designed treatment program.

Can I work with Spectrum to get my tower compliant?
Yes, we have spent the last 11 years using the latest technologies in order to help our clients develop the best, and most effective tower treatment programs (for manufacturing process cooling, air conditioning cooling & engine test rig cooling), so you can rest assured, that by employing our services, your system's risk rating will be completely under control.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in being environmentally aware, and want to promote this attitude. Unlike other water treatment companies, we make sure our environmental impact is minimised by producing less water waste and safely limiting chemical use, in towers and evaporative condensers.

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