Water Treatment

The common culprits of heating & chilled system damage

Heated and chilled systems can be affected by a number of factors, the most common being any one, or a combination of the following:

  • Corrosion - Metal loss by oxidation, of the system metal, resulting in leaks and system failure.
  • Erosion – Removal of system metal, and damage to system components, by the impingement of suspended solids.
  • Scale – The precipitation of salts, such as calcium carbonate, and other salts, result from excessive system make-up.
  • Sediment - Fouling resulting from suspended solids settling in low-flow areas, such as radiators and fine bore coils.
  • Bacteria – Contamination, by micro organisms, which can result in excessive corrosion and slime blockage.

The system may show signs of this, perhaps by leaking, having a foul odour or taste, being discoloured or having problems with pressure. In most cases, systems will require the application of a technically correct chemical treatment program, but each system will be different. A survey, including chemical tests, must be administered to identify the best type of chemical program. If you are in any doubt about your closed heating or chilled water, it's best to give one of our advisors a call to check. We have plenty of cost-effective options available, should you wish to rectify any of the problems you may have.

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