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Water Hygiene in Carehomes

Carehome Risks
The one big risk you need to consider is the age of your occupants. The older your occupants are, the more susceptible to legionnaires disease they will be. In our experience, most carehomes that, we have visited, we have visited will have a water system that is compliant in terms of workmanship, but still relatively old. If your home is in a hard water area, there is extra cause for concern since bacteria latch to scale and solids, that enter the water systems, and use them as an abundant food source.

Cleaning Time Schedules
We know form working with carehome facility managers, that cleaning and disinfecting the systems may be a process that needs to be carried out after hours. Rest assured, we are equipped to clean you systems on any day, at any time. Arrangements can even be made for bank holidays and very late at night if it suits you schedule.

Setting up a contract
We can help you configure the best compliancy method, for the occupants, and work around your busy schedule. To set up a contract, with us, please get in contact with one of our friendly advisors.

As well as providing the maintenance services, we can also provide consultancy services in order to advise on current programs already in place. If you are unsure of your current provider, we can help. Please contact us for a free consultation meeting.

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