Training Programs

Water Treatment Training + Indoor Air Quality Training

Certified Training Courses
We offer diverse and tailored programs to provide you, and your staff, with the best possible training relevant for your type of building, or group of buildings. The specific level of certification can vary, from course to course, so to find out more about each, please refer to the menu, on the left, for thorough details of each course and the up-and-coming larger group training dates we have available.

Hiring a Speaker

Need to make an big impression?
If you have a need to deliver something more specific, we can tailor any program to your company, building type or needs in general. Hire us for shows, exhibitions and events - we can deliver presentations or group training referring to the latest occurrences in the industry, technology, environmental practices and social awareness. Please contact us, to speak to an expert trainer, about how we can enhance your event.

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