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The Grand Opening of 'The Lab'

We've decided to try out all the good technology, we can get our hands on, and then tell you about it at our new page 'The Lab'.

We're sickos when it comes to new technology and gadgets and there are loads of new things, on the market, we can apply to water treatment and maintenance data collection.

We are literally in the middle of the real history and application of human technology, so there is no end to the applications that are available to us all.

We also have tons of chemical updates coming up so stay tuned!

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Fernox F1 Safe For Use With Softened Water

News has hit the grapevine than the inhibitor F1, made by Fernox, a market leader in water treatment chemicals, can be used with softened water.

In general, we shouldn't trust rumours, but the public release of the information has come straight from the horses mouth - we received a PDF press release, originally from fernox explaining the details a little bit. The technical bulletin states:

"In January 2013, the water treatment group of HHIC approved the following statement concerning the use of water softeners: Where a water softener is present in the dwelling ensure that a heating system primary circuit is filled with mains water via the general bypass valve as required within BS14173. Note: A water softener must comply with BS14173 (this states that there must be 'a general bypass valve which enables the softening unit to be isolated from the mains, while maintaining water supply to the end user'. For installation requirements, refer to WRAS Information and guidance Note No 9-07- 01 "Information for the installation of ion exchange water softeners for systems supplying water for domestic purposes".

Refer to boiler manufacturer's instructions for any additional advice on softened water."

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HSE Issues Safety Notice for Legionellosis

THE British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned businesses that they "must do more" to protect workers and the public from Legionnaires' disease.

The safety bulletin follows in the wake of a fresh outbreak in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, which yesterday claimed its first victim. A further 15 people have contracted the disease so far. It is the second outbreak to hit the UK within a matter of months, with one Edinburgh man dying after being infected in early June.

Some of the major sources of Legionnaires' are industrial cooling towers and evaporative condensers. The warm water in the systems can provide a breeding ground for the Legionella bacteria, inhalation of which can cause a high fever and pneumonia with potentially fatal consequences. HES Legionella expert Paul McDermott says that businesses have "a responsibility to manage the risks they create to protect workers and the wider public."

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Water Softener Reviews - Comparing the Best

Hello Shoppers! Like many of us, you're probably a little bit unsure which water softener to go for, so we thought we'd add some customer reviews - good and bad - for the top 10 best softeners on the market today, for you to have a look at, before you buy.

We've spoken to plenty of domestic clients about their experiences with the units they buy from us, and how they found the DYI installation. All our customers were asked, in this instance, to give an 'out of 5 rating' and tell us one good thing and one critique about each softener - This is what they've said:

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