Indoor Air Quality

Which buildings need assessments, audits and maintenance plans?

Each commercial building owner or manager knows that most buildings, aside from a small handful, are required to have an HSMS (a Health and Safety Management Scheme) and an EMS (Environmental Management scheme). These go hand in hand in some situations – this being one of them.

Common commercial buildings
Buildings that should have an IAQ audit include predictable buildings such as offices, factories, hospitals, schools and public buildings of all types. It is particularly important to have an assessment and maintenance or cleaning program if you have a circulating mechanical ventilation system, since these pose the highest risk to occupants.

If you are a building owner, employer or a facilities maintenance group looking for a friendly, professional Assessor to talk to, about your indoor air quality concerns, we can help. Please contact us with any questions you may have, on 0870729 0199.

Ventilation and air purifiers in homes
There are several places in which these audits can be beneficial, simply as a precaution, and one of these is a place that we would normally assume to be free of risk - the domestic household. This can be done purely as a domestic check, if an unknown illness is caused with symptoms that reflect SBS, or it can be beneficial to those who work from their own home, with or without extra staff members. Since many new and larger domestic homes have started to install ventilation systems, with a higher calibre of filtration, this is becoming more and more common.

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