Indoor Air Quality

What air sampling options are available?

As well as our on-site tests, where results are instant, we have 'Bacteria and Fungi' laboratory air sampling services available, which are critical for finding pathogenic organisms (Learn more about pathogenic organisms).

Airborne Bacteria and Fungi Samples
These air samples are taken to the lab and studied for growth. The samples are blown over 52mm agar plates and then incubated, over five days, for in-depth analysis. The colonies (different types or 'groups' of fungi and bacteria) are then identified and counted when the incubation period is complete.

The test studies also look at areas such as temperature and relative humidity. These are optimal conditions, for bacterial growth, and are therefore directly linked to the speed of colony development and the overall risk. The carbon dioxide levels are checked, since this directly indicates adequate or inadequate fresh air supply to the area the sample was taken. Similarly, carbon monoxide levels are checked. These are normally associated with exhaust fumes and other sources of carbon monoxide production. Finally, the testing determines the Ozone conditions, which are linked with electrical equipment like computers and printers. Again, high levels can show that fresh air is not ventilating through an area.

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