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Meet the Team

We are lucky enough to work with a group of dynamic and vibrant technical experts, all of whom can be reached using our contact page or by calling our office number : 0870 729 0199.

Ian Budgen - Managing Director and Lead Consultant

Ian is an innovative and astute thinker with several years of experience and qualifications under his belt. He makes sure the cogs of the company are well oiled and is the lead sales advisor of Spectrum. He is also a highly regarded consultant for water maintenance and legionella control. His main priorities are, of course, his customers. He is always diligent in making sure they are happy with our service, creating bespoke processes for each individual, which in turn, builds a flexible relationship with an open door policy.

Stephanie Murray - Accounts

Stephanie is our friendly and bubbly clerk, in accounts, who always wears a smile. She makes sure all the monies are taken care of, and handles all the client account worries personally. Stephanie also handles the mobile phone contracts and vehicle hire for the engineering and consultant staff, including insurance and expenses.

Lauren Nicholls - Operations Manager

Lauren is a hard working, polite and determined team member with a can-do attitude. Her tasks involve running large client projects; being the first point of contact and handling all the administration generated. Her duties are wide spread and various throughout, from updating and collating the data, for all the projects we handle at Spectrum, to client liaison and negotiation.

Lydia Bradburn - Contract Supervisor

Lydia is an enthusiastic and committed team member who is endlessly kind. Her duties circulate running the largest client project we have. She is the help desk for this particular client and handles all the administration generated. She adds benefit to the company utilising her expanding skills in Health and Safety and is soon to be NEBOSH qualified. Her duties are wide spread and various throughout, from updating and collating the data for the project she administers, to the preparation of hefty Tender submissions and care of the individual staff training matrixes.

Karlee Gould - Marketing Administration Manager

Karlee is an ambitious team member who always produces what she sets out to achieve. She is the in-house CAD drafter and is responsible for the creation of Spectrum's marketing, print and digital design. Her duties include being the webmaster for the main site and webstore. She is also responsible for the evaluation of Spectrum's Tendering position including the submission of pre-qualification material and the negotiation of the contracts proposed.

Lloyd Baker - Site Supervisor

LLoyd is a hard working Site Supervisor and a natural problem solver. He is responsible for the supervision of his on-site team for the largest contract we hold. He is involved with quality controlling his team's workmanship standards and presentation. Lloyd has also been getting a great response in sales and has become a priceless addition to the marketing and sales departments.

Darren Roden - Legionella Risk Assessor and Water Treatment Engineer

Darren is incredibly kind and friendly. He is our key engineer, for our biggest client in the Midlands, and handles an exceptional amount of work with ease. He is endlessly professional, with attention to detail that does not falter.

Robbie Taylor - Legionella Risk Assessor and Water Treatment Engineer

Robbie is the resident cheeky-chappy who is always happy and helpful. He and Dave Mewburn are the key engineers in the South-East. Robbie is relatively new, in the field of water treatment, and shows exceptional aptitude in working knowledge and his quality of workmanship.

Dave Mewburn - Legionella Risk Assessor and Water Treatment Engineer

Dave is the Lead engineer for one of our largest projects in the South-East. He and Robbie Taylor make a fantastic team, executing our requirements for this client, with dedication and precision. Dave is adaptive, down-to-earth and usually builds good working relationships fast.

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