About Us

A Brief History of Spectrum

Spectrum was incorporated, in 2002, to provide water treatment and indoor air quality services for a handful of initial clients. The business was incorporated by Ian Budgen and his Wife, Rosalynn Budgen, the named Company Secretary. Over the years, the company has never changed hands in terms of ownership.

Spectrum has since grown into a small team who produce solutions for hundreds of sites, around the UK, with concentrations of work spreading into the South-East and Central London. Over the past three years, Spectrum have expanded to cover areas in the Midlands.

Due to the growing demand for domestic solutions, available on the market, we have extended our business to include a sister-site on which we sell water softeners, filtration systems and DIY installation kits. We can assure our customer that our site only sells the most current, and very best, water equipment that has been personally tested by us.

Our future plans include the organic growth of the business, with particular focus on expanding our areas of work to cover the UK rural lands, a full re-brand and website re-make and a kick start into the electronic world of real-time data collection, invoicing, information storage and the full establishment of our social networking presence.

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